Travelling around the world can be pricey. However, you can save some money and tour the world even when you have a tight budget. Basically, exploring the world doesn’t mean that you must spend a fortune or win a lottery to do it. After having a conversation with my pal that owns his own Appliance Repair Shop, all you need is determination and planning. Here are tips for touring the world on a tight budget to help you:


When travelling on a budget, it’s important that you come up with a plan. Determine the amount of money and time that you want to spend on each country. Do extensive research on routes that you can take when going for your adventure to save money. Planning for any fright or accommodation at the last minute might ruin your trip. That’s because last minute flights and accommodation cost more.  

Go For Public Transport

Generally, buses and trains are cheaper when compared to planes. Again, when travelling by bus or train, you pay for transport and accommodation once or when you use them. Therefore, avoid planes where possible. Also avoid special treatments that may cost you more.

Travel off Season

Mostly, parents take their children on vacation during school holiday. Therefore, avoid travelling during school holiday weeks. Research on these days and travel before or after these days. During off season accommodation and transport costs are low because service providers want to attract more customers.

Go For Supermarket Food

Café sell food at higher prices when compared to supermarkets. Buying food in supermarkets will therefore save you money.  It is also easy to buy food in a supermarket that in a café. This option allows you more time to explore different tastes or foods while traveling.

Choose Cheap Destinations

Choose and concentrate on destinations that are budget-friendly. Do your research in advance to identify the best places to visit on a tight budget. Stick to cheap destinations to explore while saving money.

Make Your Own Food

Buying food will cost you more than when you cook your own. Therefore, consider buying ingredients and preparing your own food.

Pack Wisely

Start packing several days before the trip. Make sure that you have packed all items that you might need during the trip. This will lessen the chances of buying extra items thereby spending more money during the trip. Pack irreplaceable clothes that include waterproof jackets and jeans. These will serve you better in case of a change in weather.

Participate in Free Activities

There are free activities in most tourist destinations. Examples of such activities include walking, exploring the local market, renting bikes and touring the city. Engage in these activities to save money.

Avoid Scammers

While it’s true that there are more good people than bad people, there are unsavory people in every country. Travelling to a new country or a city means that you are unfamiliar with the place. This makes you an easy target for scammers. Conduct some research on common scams at your travel destination to avoid being a victim. Bear in mind that you can be scammed during, before and after landing at your destination. Scammers tend to target people carrying luggage.

No matter how tight your budget is, following these tips will help you save money on the way. Try them out to make your next trip better.