Summer weekends are getaway moments for most people. But most individuals have difficulties packing for this fantastic getaway. If you’re a terrible packer, you can stuff your suitcase with unnecessary clothes and forget the essentials. However, you can follow these tips to pack light and intelligently when traveling on a summer weekend.

Use an Easy-to-Pack Suitcase

Whether driving or flying, keep the suitcase sturdy and small. Ideally, choose a bag that allows you to lift and roll your clothes. An ideal suitcase is compact with ample space for packing the clothes and essentials you need for a four-day weekend getaway. Therefore, start investing in a good travel bag when planning your summer weekend travels.

Create a Checklist

Creating a packing checklist makes you practical by enabling you to decide the items to pack or carry. When creating this checklist, consider where you will go and things you’ll do away from home. That way, you can determine the clothes and shoes to pack. But the idea is to have comfortable outfits and all the essentials to make your summer weekend travel enjoyable.

Pack Comfy Stylish Outfits

Loafers, blazers, and slim jeans can help you make an excellent first impression. Maxi dresses, jumpsuits, jeans, and leggings are not suitable for travel because they are voluminous, difficult to walk in, and too tight. Therefore, pack comfortable but stylish outfits to make a good impression everywhere you go.

Minimize Makeup and Toiletries

Avoid packing standard tubes and bottles of cleansers, moisturizers, shampoo, conditioner, and perfume. Instead, invest in travel-size bottles for packing your makeup. Alternatively, carry samples of the beauty products you intend to use when traveling.

Packing for a short summer weekend trip can be challenging because you want to make a great impression without over-packing. Follow these tips to pack only the essentials for your summer weekend getaway.